9/15 - Jewelry Jester, Eternal Set/Boxes, Misc Updates

Jewelry Jester Boss A Jewelry Jester T4 boss has spawned in Celestial! Drops: Attackers Ring & Amulet - 10% Melee Damage Each Rangers Ring & Amulet - 10% Range Damage Each Sorcerers Ring & Amulet - 10% Magic Damage Each Eternal Box - Contains a bunch of awesome loot & eternal pieces!   He will switch prayers randomly while swiping you with his scythe.       Eternal Boxes Eternal boxes are the latest boxes to arrive in Celestial! How to obtain the boxes: - Merlin's Raid - Brunt Boss - Jewelry Jester Bos...

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9/9 - Iron Man Zone, Voting Shop, Skilling Boxes, Vicious Wyrms

  Iron Man Zone The iron man zone is a zone specifically for players using the iron man game mode. You can get to the ironman zone by typing ::ironzone   Skilling at the iron man zone will provide you with a 20% experience boost.   Iron Man Cash Shop This is a quad bag shop that can be accessed at the Iron Man zone.   Skilling Boxes Skilling boxes obtain random skilling rewards such as ores, bars, raw fish, logs and more.   Obtained: - 1/200 Chance While Skilling Regularly - 1/100 Chance While Skilling On IronMan ...

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  Drop Rate Warriors #5 & #6 You can now access the third portal behind the barrier at the DR Zone   At this location you can kill: DR Warriors #5 (drops 25% drop rate ticket) and DR Warriors #6 (drops 30% drop rate ticket)   Double XP Ring & Amulet You can now obtain a double xp ring & amulet from the slayer point store, t3 boss drops, and voting bags. The ring and amulet do stack.   In-Game Goodie-Bag System This goodie-bag system can be used for Donation Deals, In-Game Events, Special Rewards, Stream ...

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