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9/15 - Jewelry Jester, Eternal Set/Boxes, Misc Updates

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Jewelry Jester Boss

A Jewelry Jester T4 boss has spawned in Celestial!


Attackers Ring & Amulet - 10% Melee Damage Each
Rangers Ring & Amulet - 10% Range Damage Each
Sorcerers Ring & Amulet - 10% Magic Damage Each
Eternal Box - Contains a bunch of awesome loot & eternal pieces!


He will switch prayers randomly while swiping you with his scythe.





Eternal Boxes

Eternal boxes are the latest boxes to arrive in Celestial!

How to obtain the boxes:

- Merlin's Raid

- Brunt Boss

- Jewelry Jester Boss

- Donator Store


Eternal Set

The Eternal Set is the latest set to arrive in Celestial.

It has best in slot stats all around (melee, range, & magic) while also having best in slot drop rate (35% full set)

How to obtain:

- Eternal Boxes

- Donator Store



Other Updates

- Overloads can now be used in the wilderness

- Added ::starterguide to help new players

- Brunts drops are now 1/100

- Brunt now drops his armour pieces at 1/250 rate

- Drinking the last dose of a potion will now make the vial disapear.

- You can now change your game mode with the town crier at home.

When changing ur game mode from an iron man to a regular player you will not have your account progress reset.

- Server support yell color has been changed so its more visible

- Fixed the furnace at ironzone and ::skill


Custom Items

Custom items made from this deal:






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