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9/9 - Iron Man Zone, Voting Shop, Skilling Boxes, Vicious Wyrms

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Iron Man Zone

The iron man zone is a zone specifically for players using the iron man game mode.

You can get to the ironman zone by typing ::ironzone


Skilling at the iron man zone will provide you with a 20% experience boost.




Iron Man Cash Shop

This is a quad bag shop that can be accessed at the Iron Man zone.



Skilling Boxes

Skilling boxes obtain random skilling rewards such as ores, bars, raw fish, logs and more.



- 1/200 Chance While Skilling Regularly
- 1/100 Chance While Skilling On IronMan Island
- Slayer Points Shop



Vote Shop

A voting shop has been released into Celestial! All the points you have been saving up, can now be spent.




Dropless Count List (Dry Drop Rate)

Going dry at bosses is now rewarding with our new dropless count system.

How this works:

- Kill a boss

- Type ::dc

- It will show how many bosses you have to kill before your guaranteed a drop.

- If you get a drop *randomly* before then, this number is reset.



Extended Slayer Tasks

You can now extend your slayer assignment by 15 kills for 15 points by talking to your slayer master (while on an assignment). You can extend your task an infinite number of times.



Vicious Wyrms

Vicious wyrms have been added to the Monster teleports.

These are new monsters that drop Vicious wings.

The vicious wings have 70 all bonuses.

Vicious Wyrms have also been added to Slayer.




Other Updates

- Ancient glob now drops hard bones 1/1 chance

- You can now use ::brunt to teleport to Brunt

- The 20% drop rate amulet ID has been changed. If you received one legit, contact an Owner to have it returned to you.

- The kills tracker no longer submits kills 2x for 1 kill

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