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Drop Rate Warriors #5 & #6

You can now access the third portal behind the barrier at the DR Zone



At this location you can kill:

DR Warriors #5 (drops 25% drop rate ticket)


and DR Warriors #6 (drops 30% drop rate ticket)



Double XP Ring & Amulet

You can now obtain a double xp ring & amulet from the slayer point store, t3 boss drops, and voting bags.

The ring and amulet do stack.



In-Game Goodie-Bag System

This goodie-bag system can be used for Donation Deals, In-Game Events, Special Rewards, Stream Giveaways and much more!

There are several options and customizable selections we can make to each individual goodie-bag and we are super excited to roll this out in tomorrows update to everyone ❤️



Drop Rate Box

This box contains an Amulet, Ring, Boots, Gloves and Pet that all give 20% Drop Rate!

There is also a rare chance at the Off-Hand of Fate that gives 30% Drop Rate!



Slayer Mastery Dungeon One

After acheiving two Slayer Mastery Certificates, unlock the dungeon at any Slayer Master




Furious Champions
The Furious Champion drops the Furious Wings at a 1/1500 chance!

Once unlocked, they can be obtained as a Slayer Task as well from Sumona!


Furious Wings


With the addition of the Furious Wings we have added an ENTIRELY NEW equipment slot to your characters!

This being the WING SLOT

The wings will stack onto your cape giving you an amazing appearance!

The Furious Wings make it so you can use the Melee combat style from ANYWHERE!!!

So, just like ranged and magic can be used from a distance, so too now can Melee!

These wings also have a feature to make you FLY!!

Melee Effect:



Fly Effect:



Infinite Prayer Orb
The Infinite Prayer Orb is an item that grants the user INFINITE PRAYER POINTS!

However, the item must be in the players inventory for the effect to take place!



How To Obtain Infinite Prayer Orb
- Slayer Point Store: (Most Expensive Item In Shop)

- Voting Bags: Super-Rare Catagory

- Store Page


Other Updates

-You can now receive halloween masks in the AFK shop for 600k vouchers that have 10% drop rate.

-The achievements 'unlock slayer mastery dungeons' have been removed

-You will no longer get a glob slayer assignment unless you already have the requirements for it

-Gilded and t3 weapon stats have been swapped (gilded staff stats moved to occult staff, and occult staff stats moved to gilded staff)

- Collectors Neck Changed from 10,000 to 5,000 points

- Fixed drop rate on pets

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