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  1. please pay no attention to this, i cannot seem to find how to get rid of this one, was posted on accident
  2. name: Bass IGN: Symbolic discord: symbolic#1443 Birthday: 22/09/1999 About me: well in all honesty there's not really much to say about myself, lived a pretty normal life, finished school, went ahead and finished my course in justice just now looking for work in my field. I would like to say that i am a nice and humble person, and try to help out where i can, both in real life and in games. i am all about the people. if the people around me are happy then that is enough for me. i am not one to back down from a challenge no matter what it may be. i don't do much in my free time except sit around and play games due to covid. (my state is on stage 4 lock down so there really is nothing that i can do) but all in all i hope that i can get the chance to help out the server, i see so much potential. i am from Australia and i think that would appeal to people that are around my time zone since there will always be someone to help them out when its peak time as the server grows. History: i was the head admin on a server called exempia, how ever due to the lack of care by the owner the server slowly died. thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my application. i believe i would be able to be of much service to the server ❤️
  3. name: Bass IGN: Symbolic discord: symbolic#1443 Birthday: 22/09/1999
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