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    Raids Guide

    REQUIREMENTS Level 70 in every skill except Summoning, Farming and Construction Level 100 Slayer 100 Tier 3 Boss kills (Angelic Ranger, Enraged Warrior, Occult Wizard) (I wouldn't recommend solo unless you have at least full slayer hydra gear and Gilded weapons) How To Get There Inventory Setup & How to Start First Right Click Merlin the wizard and select Party and it will bring up the above interface If soloing the raid or creating your own party you'll first click Create then select your difficulty I recommend Hard then select Start Raid. recommend bringing a Dragon Pickaxe if you forget one there's a bronze pickaxe spawn inside the raid, you'll get the spade inside the raid as well. Room 1 the purple house portal will let you teleport directly to other people inside your raid, the cave to the south will let you exit the raid. You'll want to begin by running West and start killing the Dark Wizard's to receive different keys, only 1 will open the gate you'll have to keep trying each key until the door let's you through. If you get this message continue killing wizards until you or another party member gets the correct one. Room 2 Continue running north until you get to the mine. Mine the platinum rocks until you get a decent amount. Next run South east to the furnace and smelt ore until you get lockpicks. After breaking a few lockpicks on the boss room's door you'll eventually get in. Room 3 Run east until you get to boss, kill it this is where you'll get a spade if you don't already have one. Next click the boat to get to room 4. Room 4 Loot time! first you just have to find the location of the key by digging everywhere, it's completely random. If you find it say "H" or "Here" to let everyone else find it. Click the chest and rinse and repeat! Good luck everyone! Thanks to @Flo for teaching me how to raid and @The Rawrgasm for helping get screenshots.
  2. Use regular potion's to boost stats example: ranging potions give +20 boost etc.
  3. Type ::items to check for upgrades and weapon stats
  4. make sure to vote every chance you get, could get lucky!
  5. Make drop rates show based on personal DR bonus on the right click examine interface.
  6. mojo

    Banditsv2 :)

    My birthday is Septemeber 5th 🙂 nice to meet you hit me up in game @Mojo to do some duo slay or raids!
  7. make other people's ground items togglable for ironmen, hard to fish through other people's items on ground in highly populated areas.
  8. Make sure if you use an alt account to duo slay it's iron. It's against the rules to have 2 of the same account types doing the same boss. you may use 1 regular and 1 iron though for faster kills.
  9. Hello! My name's Mojo and i'm a long time RSPS player. I'm fairly new to the server as I only have 35H in game played so if anyone with more progress has any useful tips please feel free to leave them in the comments. Day 1 Create a 2nd account and bring it to ::Afk you'll need 300k afk voucher's for a collector's amulet. (alternatively you can partner up with your other account and duo slay with it by using a slayer gem bought from any of the slayer master's at ::home which I highly suggest doing.) First thing you want to begin doing is slayer you'll need to do quite a bit of slaying to really progress without donating/getting extremely lucky with vote boxes. 1 = Vanakka easy tasks's 4 pts per task, 8 with well (Mario, Luigi, Rick, Morty's) you'll want to do these until you have the scimitar unless you have help doing Sumona. 2= Duradel he gives medium tasks but currently isn't working I'll update once he's fixed. 3= Sumona She gives all boss tasks 10 pts per task, 20 with well. (Make sure to have a partner for these!) after doing a bit of slayer you'll want to buy Hydra slayer gloves/boot's and then begin working towards getting a slayer scimitar (this will take quite a while you could get lucky on the slayer grind with key's/boxes for small upgrades here and there) after you get your slayer scimitar you want to buy the rest of your Hydra slayer armor. Hydra Slayer gear are all x75 slayer points each. Slayer Scimitar is x800 slayer points. Now that you're decked out in medium tier gear you can go 1 of 2 way's. 1 teleport to ::chests and go into the drop rate portal and begin farming drop rate scrolls warrior#1 - 5% DR 1/200 chance Warrior#2 - 10% DR 1/250 chance warrior#3 - 15% DR 1/1000 chance warrior#4 - 20% DR 1/1500 chance This could take quite some time but I highly recommend doing so because it will help in the long run, this will be my path. 2 Unlock raid's by doing the following: Get level 70 in all stat's except Summoning, Farming and Construction Get level 100 Slayer Get 100 tier 3 Boss kills I personally haven't made it this far so unfortunately this is where my guide will be ending, I will return to update this as I learn more and more over time I wish you all the best of luck with RNGesus feel free to message me in game for help and I can help with the best of my ability.
  10. mojo

    New SKill

    I could see this being added later as a money sink for the economy good idea
  11. mojo


    + great suggestion, make comp cape BiS
  12. mojo

    Slayer Updates

    add more variety as well, kind of lacking easy task is morty's and rick's, mario's luigi's.
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