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  1. First off would just like to say WELCOME TO CELESTIAL! When joining Celestial you'll want to immediately create a MAIN ACCOUNT and a AFK ACCOUNT! You can only use 2 accounts and they cannot be 2 MAIN ACCOUNTS! These are a list of commands to start getting use to. ::Pos (Player Owned Shops) ::Items for Weapon/Armour Tier List ::Help for Staff Assistance ::Home (Home Teleport) Next you'll want to make sure to ::VOTE, from voting on Celestial you can have a chance of receiving T1-T3 GEAR, But my recommendation would be to sell them to other players, Voting Bags go for 7q-10q depending on BUYER! When first logging on you'll want to make your way over to the ::AFK zone with your ALT ACCOUNT, Then just start wacking away at one of the 3 options there(No Difference), no items required to do this! Extra thing to note is our GLOBAL BOSS (BRUNT) who spawns in every 30 minutes! To get to him you just have to go to the boss teleports and click Brunt when he appears! Next thing you'll want to do is hop on your MAIN ACCOUNT and click the Slayer Skill to teleport to your slayer master which will be Vannaka. Who will look something like this. At this Slayer Master you'll be given a task of 1 out of the 4 NPC's listed below! You'll want to stay at this Slayer Master until you have reached 85 SLAYER and Better Gear which you can buy with your Slayer Points, all gear and what you should be buying with your points will be listed below! SLAYER POINT SHOP What you'll want from here: Slayer Hydra Armour: 75 Points Each Slayers Scimitar: 800 Points Also if you're feeling lucky you can go for either a Gear Box(85 Points) or a Starter Box(100 Points) Gear Box Loot: Starter Box Loot: After at least getting a Slayers Scimitar or Better, you'll then want to make your way to the Minigame Teleports(DR Minigame/DPS Minigame) DR Minigame (#1-#4) DR Minigame (#5-#6) Through the barrier in between the Green and Red Portal. The Droprate Minigame has 6 different warriors to slay in 6 different areas, you'll have to go 1 by 1 from DR Warriors(#1-#6) You'll be aiming to get a ticket from each warrior that will grant you a permanent DR on your character, These tickets do not stack so once you get the first ticket from DR Warrior #1, use it, then move on to #2 for the next ticket and so on. The max Droprate you can get from the minigame is 30% DR. Each ticket will grant you an extra 5% DR to your character. DR Warrior #1 (2k HP) DR Warrior #2 (3k HP) DR Warrior #3 (4k HP) DR Warrior #4 (5k HP) DR Warrior #5 (50k HP) DR Warrior #6 (100k HP) DPS Minigame(Combat Style Amulets/Rings) What you'll want to get from the DPS Minigame is the Rings first, they are 5% DPS Rings and there's 3 different style Rings(Melee,Mage,Range) DPS Warrior (3k HP) After achieving all the Gear/Dps/Droprate necessary then you'll want to move up to Sumona(85 Slayer) Sumona will give Boss Task, Boss task is what you'll be grinding from here on out to ENDGAME! Tier 1-2 Bosses! Tier 3 bosses! Tier 4 Boss! (100 Slayer/90 Raids Level Required) You've made it to the end of the starter guide, once you've accomplished your knowledge on Celestial, Refer to our next chapter which will be RAIDS (::Thread 036) Thank you and enjoy your stay! Photo Credit- IGN: Nyx Starterguide Made By- IGN: NoFlaw
  2. I think once we get a better understanding of you, I think you’ll do well but at this time it’s just probably going to have to wait due to recent events. Absolutely keep doing you though and showing that you want to be here to help the community.
  3. NoFlaw


    Highly recommend, this would he a great recommendation to add for the newbies😂😁
  4. NoFlaw

    Slayer Updates

    Love these suggestions and think they would be a great addition to the server👍🏻
  5. That’s gotta be the funniest thing I’ve heard all week bro but I do appreciate the feedback homie😃
  6. Ayyy that’s whats up thanks for the feedback dude!!!😁 it’s definitely a one of a kind🤘🏻
  7. NoFlaw

    Cash System

    Love this suggestion and even though it would be difficult implementing this in right now I do like the idea and hope in the future it could be added. Awesome suggestion bro👍🏻
  8. Name: Zack IGN: NoFlaw Discord: NoFlaw#3108 Birthday: 05/24/1995 About me: Well I’m currently laid off from my job as a bartender so I’m on mostly 16-20 hours a day until further notice. I love helping and guiding others to success even though I’m still rough around the edges when it comes to succeeding but I try. I’ve been playing RSPS for about 11 years now ever since I was 14 years of age. I’m a dedicated player who wants to see Celestial grow to full potential even if that takes months or even a year. I’m also a very responsive player who will help anybody know matter what I’m in the middle of. My hobbies consist of taking care of my cat, going to the gym on a daily schedule and beIng consistent on helping this community grow. Growing and helping this community is definitely a goal that I’d love to fulfill even if that means just playing as a normal player. But that practically sums me up in that area, now lets talk about my past history on rsps. History: I was an administrator for Pernix Rsps for almost a year and had to relieve my role when I had to attend school and focus on that more. I also was a moderator for a small community named Draggox Rsps when I was 19 until the server went permanently down back in 2015. But in total I’ve practically non-stop played rsps consistently throughout my teenage years and adulthood. If there’s anything else I should add please let me know and I will do so accordingly. Also had no idea where else to post this and I wanted to get it out there just to have it posted. But thank you for your time and understanding and hope to hear from you shortly, have a good day/evening wherever that may be😁
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