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  1. Flo

    Daily Reward

    Adding a daily reward system. In my opinion, the forums would be the perfect spot to implement such a feature, since the forums have been quiet inactive. So everytime you log into the forums and click on a button (almost like voting) your presence gets recognized and can be claimed on the same day only ingame. 🙂 add any ideas you can add to this in the comments below
  2. Flo

    Raid Video Guide

  3. yes ....would be way less cofusing 🙂 !
  4. Flo

    New SKill

    It would be great to see even more custom skills. My suggestion is. Name of the skill? WITCHCRAFT How to level WITCHCRAFT? 1. Offering bones to the old gods 2. Gathering essence to use later on 3. disassemble certain items to get godly resourcess/essence 4. Making Auras So all to gether the goal of witchcraft would be adding in auras which are only useable when having a certain Level in WITCHCRAFT. for example aura that gives 5% droprate boost ......need level 99.......need to disasemble 2 T3 Boss Items for the essence to obtain this aura or +5% all combat styles damage boost or 50% less prayer drain or faster recharing health etc etc If you like the idea i can make this suggestion in more detail 🙂 PS Skill could maybe replace summoning and also give combat levels since aura etc is gear you wear and is a style of fighting if you think about it Leave feedback Thank you (Sry for typos)
  5. Flo


    Adding at home a wall or sign of somkind called "Command list" Easier to get started for new players maybe even make the commands clickable (buttons)
  6. Flo


    -adding Max/Comp Cape -adding Level 150 Capes
  7. Flo

    Slayer Updates

    My SUggestion is to spice things up with the slayer skill. - adding seprior Monster (doesnt has to be the monster you are killing, maybe an assasin(dropping slayer keys + a super rare for example slayer weapons) -adding a slayer boss with req 150 slayer -lowering cost of collector amulet feel free to add more suggestions about a slayer revamp 🙂
  8. Flo

    Add Payment

    I suggest adding more payment methods for example. PayPal Paysafecard etc
  9. Flo

    Cash System

    I got a Suggestion regarding gold coins. Since it is after the inflation progresses on a server it is incredible weird how much something costs starting by billions then trillions and quadrillions and so on pretty confusing after a while. Hear me out why not simply add GOLD COINS SILVER COINS BRONZE COINS It would add that little unique touch to the server making it stand out even more.
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