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  1. Jewelry Jester Boss A Jewelry Jester T4 boss has spawned in Celestial! Drops: Attackers Ring & Amulet - 10% Melee Damage Each Rangers Ring & Amulet - 10% Range Damage Each Sorcerers Ring & Amulet - 10% Magic Damage Each Eternal Box - Contains a bunch of awesome loot & eternal pieces! He will switch prayers randomly while swiping you with his scythe. Eternal Boxes Eternal boxes are the latest boxes to arrive in Celestial! How to obtain the boxes: - Merlin's Raid - Brunt Boss - Jewelry Jester Boss - Donator Store Eternal Set The Eternal Set is the latest set to arrive in Celestial. It has best in slot stats all around (melee, range, & magic) while also having best in slot drop rate (35% full set) How to obtain: - Eternal Boxes - Donator Store Other Updates - Overloads can now be used in the wilderness - Added ::starterguide to help new players - Brunts drops are now 1/100 - Brunt now drops his armour pieces at 1/250 rate - Drinking the last dose of a potion will now make the vial disapear. - You can now change your game mode with the town crier at home. When changing ur game mode from an iron man to a regular player you will not have your account progress reset. - Server support yell color has been changed so its more visible - Fixed the furnace at ironzone and ::skill Custom Items Custom items made from this deal:
  2. Iron Man Zone The iron man zone is a zone specifically for players using the iron man game mode. You can get to the ironman zone by typing ::ironzone Skilling at the iron man zone will provide you with a 20% experience boost. Iron Man Cash Shop This is a quad bag shop that can be accessed at the Iron Man zone. Skilling Boxes Skilling boxes obtain random skilling rewards such as ores, bars, raw fish, logs and more. Obtained: - 1/200 Chance While Skilling Regularly - 1/100 Chance While Skilling On IronMan Island - Slayer Points Shop Vote Shop A voting shop has been released into Celestial! All the points you have been saving up, can now be spent. Dropless Count List (Dry Drop Rate) Going dry at bosses is now rewarding with our new dropless count system. How this works: - Kill a boss - Type ::dc - It will show how many bosses you have to kill before your guaranteed a drop. - If you get a drop *randomly* before then, this number is reset. Extended Slayer Tasks You can now extend your slayer assignment by 15 kills for 15 points by talking to your slayer master (while on an assignment). You can extend your task an infinite number of times. Vicious Wyrms Vicious wyrms have been added to the Monster teleports. These are new monsters that drop Vicious wings. The vicious wings have 70 all bonuses. Vicious Wyrms have also been added to Slayer. Other Updates - Ancient glob now drops hard bones 1/1 chance - You can now use ::brunt to teleport to Brunt - The 20% drop rate amulet ID has been changed. If you received one legit, contact an Owner to have it returned to you. - The kills tracker no longer submits kills 2x for 1 kill
  3. Drop Rate Warriors #5 & #6 You can now access the third portal behind the barrier at the DR Zone At this location you can kill: DR Warriors #5 (drops 25% drop rate ticket) and DR Warriors #6 (drops 30% drop rate ticket) Double XP Ring & Amulet You can now obtain a double xp ring & amulet from the slayer point store, t3 boss drops, and voting bags. The ring and amulet do stack. In-Game Goodie-Bag System This goodie-bag system can be used for Donation Deals, In-Game Events, Special Rewards, Stream Giveaways and much more! There are several options and customizable selections we can make to each individual goodie-bag and we are super excited to roll this out in tomorrows update to everyone ❤️ Drop Rate Box This box contains an Amulet, Ring, Boots, Gloves and Pet that all give 20% Drop Rate! There is also a rare chance at the Off-Hand of Fate that gives 30% Drop Rate! Slayer Mastery Dungeon One After acheiving two Slayer Mastery Certificates, unlock the dungeon at any Slayer Master Example: Furious Champions The Furious Champion drops the Furious Wings at a 1/1500 chance! Once unlocked, they can be obtained as a Slayer Task as well from Sumona! Furious Wings With the addition of the Furious Wings we have added an ENTIRELY NEW equipment slot to your characters! This being the WING SLOT The wings will stack onto your cape giving you an amazing appearance! The Furious Wings make it so you can use the Melee combat style from ANYWHERE!!! So, just like ranged and magic can be used from a distance, so too now can Melee! These wings also have a feature to make you FLY!! Melee Effect: Fly Effect: Infinite Prayer Orb The Infinite Prayer Orb is an item that grants the user INFINITE PRAYER POINTS! However, the item must be in the players inventory for the effect to take place! How To Obtain Infinite Prayer Orb - Slayer Point Store: (Most Expensive Item In Shop) - Voting Bags: Super-Rare Catagory - Store Page Other Updates -You can now receive halloween masks in the AFK shop for 600k vouchers that have 10% drop rate. -The achievements 'unlock slayer mastery dungeons' have been removed -You will no longer get a glob slayer assignment unless you already have the requirements for it -Gilded and t3 weapon stats have been swapped (gilded staff stats moved to occult staff, and occult staff stats moved to gilded staff) - Collectors Neck Changed from 10,000 to 5,000 points - Fixed drop rate on pets
  4. Ancient Glob has been added as a new Tier 4 boss! He drops: -Ancient spirit shield (best in slot shield) -Ancient gloves (best in slot gloves) -Ancient boots (best in slot boots) All have 5% drop rate boost Other Updates - Cyanic cape, boots & gloves have been buffed -Brunt now drops boss keys @ 1/3 chance -New items in the slayer shop: Gear Box - 85 Points Starter Box - 250 Points Berserker Gloves - 500 Points Berserker Boots - 500 Points Seers Gloves - 500 Points Seers Boots - 500 Points Archer Gloves - 500 Points Archer Boots - 500 Points -You now must deal atleast 25k damage in raids to get a reward -The raids chest will now send you a message in your chatbox explaining what you received -When members of your raiding party leave Merlin's Raid, it will send a message to the party leader in red saying they have left. -Demonic wizard no longer drops a spade, he now drops boss bones instead. When sailing on the boat to the reward island, you will now get a spade only if you don't have one iny our inventory. -You can now purchase a max cape from the Veteran at home for 5q. The max cape has 3% drop rate and better stats then the Solace cape. You must have 150 in all stats (except construction) to purchase the max cape. -You can now purchase a completionist cape from the Veteran at home for 25q. The completionist cape has 150 in all stats and 5% drop rate. To purchase the completionist cape you must have completed all achievements and have 150 in all stats. -Rangers eye stats have been buffed, and it now provides a 5% range damage boost. -Brunts drop rate has been lowered from 1/1000 to 1/700 -Demonic bludgeon attack animation has been fixed -You can now use a completionist cape on an owner cape to get the 'Owners completionist cape'. This cape has higher stats than the regular owner cape, and has a 1/1000 chance to 1 hit any boss other than global bosses. It does not require summoning or construction to get comp cape
  5. Devout Pet Added: The devout pet has 10% damage in all combat styles, and 10% drop rate. Available in the devout casket. Devout Weaponry Devout weaponry is available in the devout casket. Devout weaponry has 8% drop rate, and best in slot stats. Devout Casket How to obtain Devout Casket: Devout Casket Drop Added To Brunt Devout Casket Drop Added To Merlins Raid Boss Key Chest Available on the store for $25 Misc Updates: - Increased Boss Key Drops From Tier 3 Bosses - Rare Pull Chance From Boss Chest Decreased from 1/50 to 1/30 (more likely to get items) - Cash Boxes from Boss Chest increased from always 1 to a random 1-5 - All Boss Drops Set To 1500 Rate (Ultra Rare) to 1000 Rate (Rare) to increase drop chances - Removed Cash Box, Easy Key, and Medium Key Slayer Announcements - Added ::petguide command - Changed ::starterguide command to forums guide - A 100% Drop of 3 Cash Caskets has been added to Brunt so if you get a drop, you will always get at least something -Fixed switching slayer masters
  6. Brunt Global Boss Health: 3 million Drops to: 20 people (10 random, 10 DPS) Spawns Every 30 Minutes 3 Random Locations He drops the Brunt Set Melee Stats (in between solace and corrupt) The brunt set will also deal an additional 5% damage while using any 2H weapon When wearing the full set it will provide a 10% drop rate boost. Donator Zones AFK Donator Fairy The AFK Fairy is the BEST place to afk on celestial, now available at the DONATOR ZONE! -Regular donator has 20% chance to get an extra afk voucher @ afk fairy -Arcane donator has a 33% chance to get an extra afk voucher @ afk fairy -Divine Donator has a 50% chance to get an extra afk voucher @ afk fairy -Elysian donator has a 100% chance to get an extra afk voucher @ afk fairy -Superior donator has a 100% chance to get 2 extra afk vouchers @ afk fairy -Celestial donator has a 100% chance to get 3 extra afk vouchers @ afk fairy Regular Donator Zone 20% xp boost when skilling here Smithing, cooking, woodcutting, mining This donator zone has titanium rocks - THE BEST MINING XP IN THE GAME! Arcane Donator Zone 40% xp boost when skilling here Kill cash boxes here for insane cash drops! Divine Donator Zone 60% xp boost when skilling here Train runecrafting here Divine Donator+ shop with overload flasks + medium bones! Elysian Donator Zone 100% bonus experience when skilling here Fight the Abyzou heartwrencher Donator Only boss! Superior Donator Zone Here you can train slayer with the Donator Slayer Master! He will assign 3 bosses that you can fight for the best slayer experience & points in the game. Other Updates - Vote Bag Rewards Updated HEAVILY - Boss Chest Rewards Updated With Tier 3 Armor + Weps - Boss Key Drops Reduced - Boss Key Chest Rare Item Chance increased - Cash Box Rare Reward Odds Lowered - Demonic wizard will no longer respawn after being killed - It's now faster to mine titanium ore - Fixed untradeable items being tradeable (DR Tickets, etc) - Player owned shops will now display decimal formats such as '1.3qt' and you can now enter 'QT' as a price format in player owned shops. - Fixed the following instance bosses: Enraged warrior, Occult Wizard, Angelic Ranger -Its now impossible to splash when using magic - If you dont have 250t in your inventory when resetting a slayer task it will now close the dialogue. - Players online on the homepage now updates correctly -Fixed being able to enter raids without having the correct requirement
  7. Raid Rewards Rework: VERY RARE' raid rewards lowered from 1/500 to 1/333 COMMON' raid rewards have been increased (cash bags, boss keys, q bags) Rebalanced the following weapons: Range weapons The range strength bonus wasn't taking a big enough effect on the weapons. Magic weapons Lowered attack speeds for ALL magic weapons Magic damage wasn't taking a big enough effect on the weapons. Next update magic weapons will not be able to splash Starter weapons Bonuses were too low Fixed attack animation on cyanic dual blades Fixed graphical bug on cyanic bow Fixed merlin's raid achievements not working Reworked the daily benefits: Monday - Infinite Prayer Points Tuesday - 10% Increased Drop Rate Wednesday - Double Slayer Points Thursday - Double Trivia Points Friday - Sunday - Double Experience Duo slayer is no longer disabled Fixed staff not being able to teleport to people Fixed liquidation table not giving the correct amount of money when liquidating more than 1 item at a time. Fixed having to re open the liquidation interface everytime you liquidate an item. Fixed not being able to buy from sponsored shops in the player owned shops Fixed not being able to mine ore at the mining guild Wilderness agility course has been fixed. CONTENT UPDATE COMING NEXT!!
  8. Hey guys, usually we don't release patch notes this delayed however me and @Watson had both been online for over 12 hours straight and needed to get some sleep after the Raids update so we totally forgot to post it. Corrupt weapons have been revamped. The bow and staff is faster, while removing some damage. This will balance all the corrupt weapons so they are equal. Added ::star to teleport to the Shooting Star Fixed not being able to dismiss pets in the summoning tab Owner's cape will now pickup items on the ground (collectors necklace effect) and it now has particles/smoke behind the cape Added instances for the 3 newest bosses Money pouch has been completely reworked. There is now a limit of 9qt allowed in the money pouch at one time. It is impossible to go over this amount. Player owned shops will no longer take money out of your pouch, instead it will take both 1b bags and 1q bags out of your inventory for a single transaction until it totals the buy price. All items are now tradeable except: DPS Rings, and DR % tickets Added T3 Bosses to Slayer Tasks Fantastic Box Update: Corupt Reaper, Staff, and Bow added to the rare catagory of the boxes Jackpot item rarity increased (pulled more often) RAIDS IS RELEASED! There will be guides / videos posted about this for detailed information regarding it. The drop rates are: 1/100 for RARE drops, 1/500 for VERY RARE drops
  9. Release Bug Fixes Fixed the bug where 1 slayer task completes all slayer task achievements, and those tasks have now been reset for everyone. Moved the following slayer tasks to Duradel, and if you had these assignments they will reset. Yoda Darth Vader Vegeta Goku Fixed the bug where your client would spaz out and send a bunch of random characters and make it so people cant see your messages. Fixed a crash bug Removed smily faces Fixed starter crossbow hitting as melee Fixed DPS zone points resetting If you find any more issues make sure to post them in #🐛bug-reports on discord Restart your launcher to apply a couple of these fixes.
  10. Combat Assistant Pets Godzilla Pet Bonus: 5% Magic Damage Boost ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phoenix Pet Bonus: 5% Melee Damage Boost ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skotizo Pet Bonus: 5% Ranged Damage Boost ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mystic Elemental Pet Bonus: 7% Magic Damage Boost ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brutal Bones Pet Bonus: 7% Ranged Damage Boost ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warriors Pet Bonus: 5% Damage Boost In All Styles ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Drop Rate Assistant Pets Lucky Pete Pet Bonus: 20% Drop Rate Boost ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Bonus Assistant Pets
  11. Interested in your own custom weapon, armor or jewelry? Fill out the form below and send it to Watson.
  12. Behavioral Rules 1. Any use of inappropriate, racial, or disrespectful language will NOT be tolerated here. Our community is expected to respect one another. We understand that people do not always get along, but harassment is not tolerated. 2. Flaming any individual on the server is labelled as direct harassment and will result in the corresponding punishment. 3. Any encouragement of others to break rules will result in both of you receiving the same punishment. 4. Threatening another player with IRL threats, DDoS attacks or doxing will result in an immediate permanent ban. 5. Excessive use of characters in yell, public, or clan chat will not be tolerated and may result in punishment. 6. Any advertisement of another RSPS, service, or black market will result in a permanent ban. 7. Respect the staff team while acting within their boundaries. 8. Accessing an account this is not owned by you (hacking) will result in an immediate permanent ban. Real-World Trading & Donation Policy 1. ANY buying or selling of in-game items for real world money is FORBIDDEN. (this goes for OSRS/RS3 Gold as well) 2. You MAY sell in-game items for Celestial donations or amount scrolls. 3. Exchanging any Celesital items for another servers items is also strictly forbidden. 4. Selling a service in-game for in-game items is acceptable but your service must be approved by a staff member. You also need to create a forums thread with applications to have a service. 5. Any and all donations/purchases are final. An attempt to chargeback your donation will result in all of the following: a. Your account(s) being permanently banned b. Your email being blacklisted on our system as well as sent to our payment provider to blacklist there as well c. Your PayPal account may be limited/closed for a false claim attempt, see PayPal's chargeback FAQ here: https://www.paypal.com/my/webapps/mpp/security/sell-chargebackfaq d. A message of contempt will be sent to a representative of the dispute team of our payment provider with your proof-of-purchase and then your false claim attempt. 6. Refunds may be given if sufficient evidence of the game malfunctioning is indicated Bug Abuse & Botting/Macro Use & Scamming 1. Any abuse of a bug or glitch is against the rules. 2. If any glitch or bug is found, immediately report it to a staff member. 3. Absolutely no third party software is aloud on Celestial, this includes auto-clickers. 4. Auto-Types ARE allowed within reason. (timer must be 25 seconds of more) 5. Any scamming of any kind is strictly forbidden. 6. You may not stake or trade a pledged donation. For example, gambling a certain item vs. $10 donation. 7. Please record any gamble that you feel might be dangerous. Scams will only be refunded if sufficient proof is provided. Multi-Logging 1. Multi-Logging is allowed on a maximum of two clients/accounts, on separate game modes, unless strictly using the AFK zone. If you are found to be using more than two accounts on the same game mode. you will receive bans on both accounts. 2. Account sharing is against the rules, unless a staff approved service is being preformed.
  13. Donator ($10-$49) - Yell Channel Access - Access to Donator Zone - +5% Drop Rate - +2% Experience Boost - Access to Donator AFK Content -15% Slower Prayer Drain -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arcane Donator ($50-$250) - Yell Channel Access - Access to Donator Zone - Access to Arcane Donators Zone - +10% Drop Rate +5% EXP Boost - Access to Donator AFK Content - 10% Chance of saving Slayer Keys when used -30% Slower Prayer Drain -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Divine Donator ($250-$500) - Yell Channel Access - Access to Donator Zone - Access to Arcane Donators Zone - Access to Divine Donators Zone - +15% Drop Rate +10% EXP Boost - Access to Donator AFK Content - 15% Chance of saving Slayer Keys when used - Access to Divine Donator AFK Content -Infinite Prayer (Prayer Does Not Drain) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elysian Donator ($500-$1,000) - Yell Channel Access - Access to Donator Zone - Access to Arcane Donators Zone - Access to Divine Donators Zone - Access to Elysian Donators Zone - +20% Drop Rate +15% EXP Boost - Access to Donator AFK Content - Access to Divine Donator AFK Content - Access to Elysian Donator AFK Content - 20% Chance of saving Slayer Keys when used - 5% Chance to save ANY Mystery Box when used - 3 Character Custom Yell Tag -Infinite Prayer (Prayer Does Not Drain) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Superior Donator ($1,000-$2,500) - Yell Channel Access - Access to Donator Zone - Access to Arcane Donators Zone - Access to Divine Donators Zone - Access to Elysian Donators Zone - ACCESS TO ALL NEW SUPERIOR ZONE - +25% Drop Rate +20% EXP Boost - Access to Donator AFK Content - Access to Divine Donator AFK Content - Access to Elysian Donator AFK Content - Access to Superior Donator AFK Content - 25% Chance of saving Slayer Keys when used - 10% Chance to save ANY Mystery Box when used - 6 Character Custom Yell Tag -Infinite Prayer (Prayer Does Not Drain) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Celestial Donator ($2,500+) - Yell Channel Access - Access to Donator Zone - Access to Arcane Donators Zone - Access to Divine Donators Zone - Access to Elysian Donators Zone - ACCESS TO ALL NEW SUPERIOR ZONE - ACCESS TO ALL NEW Celestial ZONE - +25% Drop Rate +20% EXP Boost - Access to Donator AFK Content - Access to Divine Donator AFK Content - Access to Elysian Donator AFK Content - Access to Superior Donator AFK Content - Access to Spectral Donator AFK Content -Infinite Prayer (Prayer Does Not Drain) - 35% Chance of saving Slayer Keys when used - 20% Chance to save ANY Mystery Box when used - MONTHLY $250 Goodie-Bag - MONTHLY $300 in Bonus Rewards - Up to 10 character custom yell tag Donator - Elysian Donator Zones ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Superior Donator ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Celestial Donator
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